La política de calidad de Repsol. El modelo EFQM

  1. Tomaseti Solano, Eva
  2. García Marí, José Horacio
  3. Sánchez Casado, Noelia
Revista de contabilidad y dirección

ISSN: 1887-5696

Year of publication: 2014

Issue Title: Excelencia empresarial: claves y buenas prácticas

Issue: 19

Pages: 117-129

Type: Article

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This is a case about how the quality policy can lead to levels of business excellence that increase business results. In this regard, the company has obtained various quality certifications programs in all business areas and in different countries where it operates on both quality and energy management, environment, safety and sustainability in place. It�s all part of the commitment in corporate social responsibility in their business philosophy. The implementation of the Total Quality Management is supported by the use of models of excellence, especially in the European context, the implementation of the EFQM model. As a result, the company is in the top rankings, not only of business excellence, but also corporate reputation.