Learn 2 teach, teach 2 learn. Aprendizaje-Servicio e intercambio de roles en Arquitectura

  1. Ricardo Carcelén González
  2. Fernando Miguel García Martín
VII Jornadas sobre innovación docente en arquitectura JIDA'19
  1. Berta Bardí Milá (coord.)
  2. Daniel García Escudero (coord.)

Editorial: Iniciativa Digital Politècnica ; Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña / Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

ISBN: 978-84-9880-797-4

Any de publicació: 2019

Pàgines: 157

Tipus: Capítol de llibre


Introduction: learn 2 teach, teach 2 learn is a complementary teaching activity of the“Olimpiadas de Arquitectura de la Región de Murcia” promoted by the “EscuelaTécnica Superior de Arquitectura y Edificación” of the Universidad Politécnica deCartagena. Method: the experience is based on a teaching methodology of Service-Learning unusual in Architecture and uses as a learning tool the change in roles(professor-student) to enhance the acquisition of competencies of the regulatedstudies of Architecture. Results: the work presents an analysis of the differentparameters obtained through an anonymous response form about: tools, teamwork,methodology and change in roles. Conclusions and discussion: the results revealsthe achievement of the two objectives set by the L2T/T2L task, evidencing itssuccess in general terms among the participating students.