La arquitectura del poder y el poder de la arquitecturapabellones 1 y 2, Cuartel de Artillería, Centro Cultural Puertas de Castilla, Murcia. España

  1. Arnau Amo, Joaquín
  2. Blancafort Sansó, Jaume
  3. Gutiérrez Mozo, María-Elia
  4. Reus Martínez, Patricia
P+C: proyecto y ciudad: revista de temas de arquitectura

ISSN: 2172-9220

Year of publication: 2017

Issue: 8

Pages: 39-48

Type: Article

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Using an example of patrimonial management, especially productive in times of economic crisis, it is argued a reflection on the power that can show the architecture in the generation of urbanity. In this case, two buildings of military origin are reused as containers; But not only as enablers of a collective inner life, but as entities able to urbanize their environment, not so much in the sense of their facilities and infrastructures as in the promotion of civic life. The value of this architecture is revitalized by being at the service of the community as a whole. The methodology, far removed from economic power and showing little ostentation or pomposity in its execution, encourages social life in its resolution, encourages encounters and opens spaces for the imagination. It makes from the fact an event; and in it lies the power of this architecture.