The Havana Capitol, geometry and proportion through its original plans

  1. Mestre Martí, María
  2. Jiménez Delgado, Antonio
  3. Ródenas López, Manuel
  4. Jiménez Vicario, Pedro Miguel
EGA: revista de expresión gráfica arquitectónica

ISSN: 1133-6137 2254-6103

Année de publication: 2018

Titre de la publication: Conversando con... Emilio Tuñón (parte 2)

Volumen: 23

Número: 33

Pages: 40-51

Type: Article

DOI: 10.4995/EGA.2018.8859 DIALNET GOOGLE SCHOLAR lock_openAccès ouvert editor

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The research on the National Capitol Building in Havana, Cuba, aims to study the building and its constructive solutions and materials, by means of the extensive graphic and photographic documentation preserved in the archives of the city. This documentation is a rigorous source of technical information, useful for analyzing the building in detail and understanding and dating its different construction phases. The research was developed in the city of Havana, Cuba, in the last five years in coordination with the Office of the City Historian, and it allowed creating a significant collection of plans, images and other graphic documents as a basis for future research. This article focuses on analyzing the work from its original plans (geometry and proportion, techniques of representation and graphic quality), which are a work of art by themselves, a meticulous handwork done by several Cuban architects and engineers. These documents have never seen the light until now.

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