Prácticas de control digital de convertidores de potencia emulados con amplificadores operacionales

  1. Jacinto M. Jiménez
  2. Esther de Jódar
  3. Jose A. Villarejo
TICAI 2010: TICs para el Aprendizaje de la Ingeniería
  1. Manuel Caeiro Rodriguez (ed. lit.)
  2. Ricardo Azambuja Silveira (ed. lit.)
  3. Paula Escudeiro (ed. lit.)

Publisher: IEEE Sociedad de Educación

ISBN: 978-84-8158-548-3

Year of publication: 2010

Pages: 39-46

Type: Book chapter


In this chapter, laboratory experiments for digital control of switched DC-DC power converters are presented. The converter is implemented by using operational amplifiers. The operational amplifiers are used for modeling the mathematical equation developed from the converter. The controller is programmed using a microcontroller-based board. This methodology allows and easy way to implement and solve the problems related to digital control, and the reinforcement of theoretical concepts. A buck converter with a voltage loop has been chosen to show these issues. The microcontroller is the F28335 from Texas Instruments. Finally, results are presented.