La participación financiera del capital riesgo español según la procedencia pública o privada de sus recursos

  1. Ramón Pintado, Tomás
  2. García Pérez de Lema, Domingo
  3. Cordón Portillo, Antonio
  4. Hurtado, Fernando
  5. Sánchez, Eduardo
Economía industrial

ISSN: 0422-2784

Any de publicació: 2006

Títol de l'exemplar: China e India : oportunidades y estrategias

Número: 362

Pàgines: 155-164

Tipus: Article

Altres publicacions en: Economía industrial


This paper examines, within the process of performance of the Spanish venture capital firms, the decision making of financial participation, taking into consideration the public or private mature of their financial resources. Different aspects are analysed, such as elaboration of the due diligence, the fixation of rates of return, the valuation of the personality and the experience of the entrepreneur, the product and the market and the determination of the method of valuation used to quantify the proposal. For this aim, an empirical study has been developed on a sample of 51 venture capital firms. The results show that companies with mainly finantial public resources demand less rate of return, prefering investing in business at early stages and rely less on the analysis of external advisers to alaborate the valuation report.