Estudio cualitativo sobre la gestión de la repatriación en las empresas internacionales

  1. Sánchez Vidal, María Eugenia
  2. Sanz Valle, Raquel
  3. Barba Aragón, María Isabel
Revista de economía y empresa

ISSN: 0213-2834

Argitalpen urtea: 2004

Alea: 22

Zenbakia: 52-53

Orrialdeak: 67-86

Mota: Artikulua

Beste argitalpen batzuk: Revista de economía y empresa


The repatriation process is a very complex experience for the individuals as it can imply adjustment dfficulties. These problems can affect some organisational results such as the motivation and the performance of these employees. Moreover, due to the repatriation adjustment problems repatriates may think of leaving the company which is a great loss for the organisation because of the international knowledge they have acquired and the money they have invested in these workers. In spite of the importance of the repatriation process, research on this topic is still scant.