Estudio del comportamiento de neumáticos recauchutados bajo condiciones estables de carga-velocidad en banco de pruebas

  1. López Martínez, José María
  2. Páez Ayuso, José Javier
  3. Sánchez Alejo, Francisco Javier
  4. Díaz Carrasco, Adolfo
Revista DYNA

ISSN: 0012-7361 0012-7361

Year of publication: 2008

Volume: 83

Issue: 8

Pages: 499-506

Type: Article

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Road transportation on developed countries, both of passengers and goods, involves a huge figure of used pneumatic tires every year, what is a very important energetic and environ- mental problem. The retreading of a percentage of these used tires for be- ing re-used appears as a partial solu- tion, but still, retreaded tires have poorer mechanical properties than the new ones. This paper gives a gen- eral idea of actual retreading methods and presents a study carried out to characterize two important factors that can cause tire breaking, that is, static stiffness and temperature.