Desarrollo urbótico del semáforo inteligente. Primeras experiencias en un living-lab urbano

  1. Valero Martínez, Marta
  2. Zamora Álvarez, Tomás
  3. Natividad Vivó, Pau
  4. Cerdá Casanoves, María Reyes
  5. Portolés Ibáñez, Javier
  6. Algora Sebastiá, Enrique
Revista de biomecánica

ISSN: 1575-5622

Year of publication: 2010

Issue: 53

Pages: 29-30

Type: Article

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Urbotics is defined as the collection of city automated-systems that aids different services of energy management, security, welfare and communication. The introduction of these new technologies makes possible that the city becomes an active city where technology is integrated into intelligent urban design and, so, the city can adapt itself to population needs. One of the most important city problems is the high rate of traffic accidents where vehicles and pedestrians are involved. In this context, Tau Ceramica, Miniatec and the Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia (IBV) have developed an intelligent traffic-lights: an urbotic application with the aim of improving traffic-lights regulation and car and pedestrian flows in key and/or trouble points of city.