Renovación urbana asociada a la Estación del AVE de la ciudad de Cartagena

  1. Salmerón Núñez, Juan Manuel
  2. García Sánchez, Rafael
P+C: proyecto y ciudad: revista de temas de arquitectura

ISSN: 2172-9220

Year of publication: 2016

Issue: 7

Pages: 21-36

Type: Article

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Following the extension of the network of Spanish high-speed railway in the first decade of the present century, projects of the arrival of the AVE to cities as Cartagena were raised taking advantage of existing urban centrality station. These projects coordinated between public administrations included urban projects of renovation in the surroundings of the station, acting as a transport node, and as a magnet for urban activity. Scales and diverse interests of the agents involved seemed to find a point of agreement that might advance the integration process in the location selected as the high speed network node. However, being questioned these projects today by funding and urgency in the service problems, it is proposed in Cartagena as well as in other similar cities, peripheral alternatives of location with little urban renewal, being tested these two types of urban projects and its consequences.