Arquitecturas del pasado para el presentehistorias de viajes al Mediterráneo

  1. Jiménez Vicario, Pedro Miguel
  2. Ródenas López, Manuel Alejandro
  3. Mestre Martí, María
P+C: proyecto y ciudad: revista de temas de arquitectura

ISSN: 2172-9220

Any de publicació: 2016

Número: 7

Pàgines: 37-50

Tipus: Article

Altres publicacions en: P+C: proyecto y ciudad: revista de temas de arquitectura


The tradition of traveling from the countries of Central Europe to the Mediterranean began in the late sixteenth century in search of a recognition of the classical tradition and as a stimulus for artistic renewal and change of taste. The long list of travelers architects, philosophers, poets, painters, etc., has contributed to shaping a concrete image of the Mediterranean as the evolution in the perception of the different eras. This fact makes us think of the inexhaustible source as an architectural resource that throughout the history of the Western world has had the Mediter-ranean. The main objective that we pursue in this article is to determine the role the Mediterranean, classical and vernacular architecture, has played in the succession of architectural styles from the sixteenth to the twentieth century. Therefore analyze the Mediterranean, particularly its architecture, as a source of learning and knowledge as valid material project.