El riego deficitario controlado en cerezouna alternativa válida para su cultivo en zonas semiáridas.

  1. Blanco Montoya, V.
  2. Blaya Ros, P.
  3. Torres Sánchez, R.
  4. Pérez Pastor, A.
  5. Domingo Miguel, R.
Revista de fruticultura

ISSN: 2013-5742

Year of publication: 2019

Issue Title: Cerezo

Issue: 70

Pages: 90-100

Type: Article

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Regulated deficit irrigation in sweet cherry trees. A feasible alternative for its cultivation in semi–arid areas. Cherry trees in Spain have traditionally been cultivated in specific areas such as Valle del Ebro and Valle del Jerte in rain–fed farming systems. However, the development of cultivars with lower chilling requirements has encouraged farmers in semi–arid, water–scarce areas to cultivate sweet cherry trees under irrigation. This work compares the physiological and agronomical response of sweet cherry trees under three irrigation strategies, control (without water restrictions), regulated deficit irrigation (severe post–harvest deficit) and slight deficit irrigation (slight pre– and post–harvest deficit). Regulated and slight deficit irrigation treatments saved 39 and 28% of the water applied to control trees without penalizing yield and reducing vegetative growth. On the other hand, trees submitted to slight deficit irrigation during pre–harvest tended to produce fruit of smaller size.