El problema del enrutamiento de vehículos. Propuestas para la búsqueda del camino más corto. Aplicación al entorno docente y Pymes

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Rect@: Revista Electrónica de Comunicaciones y Trabajos de ASEPUMA

ISSN: 1575-605X

Year of publication: 2013

Issue Title: Serie Monografías. Métodos cuantitativos e informática

Volume: 4

Issue: 1

Pages: 25-42

Type: Article

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The Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP) is a common problem presented to optimize the transport routes and vehicles involved. For its approach and search of optimal solutions in operational research, mathematical models like Branch and Bound or dynamic programming among other options are used. These tools provide exact solutions, but the disadvantage is it´s difficult practical application for teaching or SME´s. The purpose of this researching work is to present Solver, a deployed application in Excel which properly programmed in BVA (Visual Basic for Applications) allows us to obtain easily solutions for teaching purpose or to be applied in SME´s. As a practical application to show the designed methodology and its operability, a practical case consisting in the calculation of the shortest path between several Spanish cities will be presented. To test the validity of the results obtained through Solver´s application, they will be contrasted with others obtained through an algorithm based in the Brute Force Search (BFS) specifically designed for this purpose. By using this algorithm, which uses Google Maps´s application for route distances, some improvements are reached compared with the previous model based in Solver, providing more current and complete information about the problem and a future cost perspective to the Vehicle Routing Problem.

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