Integrated assessment of high mountain hazards, related risk reduction and climate change adaptation strategies in the Peruvian Cordilleras

  1. Huggel, C.
  2. Cochachin, A.
  3. Frey, H.
  4. García, J.
  5. Giráldez, C.
  6. Gómez, J.
  7. Haeberli, W.
  8. Ludeña, S.
  9. Portocarrero, C.
  10. Price, K.
  11. Rohrer, M.
  12. Salzmann, N.
  13. Schleiss, A.
  14. Schneider, D.
  15. Silvestre, E.
Proceedings of the 4th International Disaster and Risk Conference: Integrative Risk Management in a Changing World - Pathways to a Resilient Society, IDRC Davos 2012

Any de publicació: 2012

Pàgines: 329-332

Tipus: Aportació congrés