El patrimonio industrial eléctrico en la Vega Alta del Río Segura entre los siglos XIX y XXestudio y propuesta para su puesta en valor

  1. Piñera Ayala, María Dolores
Supervised by:
  1. Mercedes Millán Escriche Director
  2. Ángel Molina García Director
  3. José Javier Ruiz Ibáñez Director

Defence university: Universidad de Murcia

Fecha de defensa: 22 February 2021

  1. José María Gómez Espín Chair
  2. Caridad Irene de Santiago Restoy Secretary
  3. José María Cardesín Díaz Committee member

Type: Thesis


The objective of this tesis is to contribute to the knowledge of howe lectric power arrived in the Region of Murcia and the establishment of light factories along the axis of Segura river in the región of La Vega Alta. All this from the process known as Industrial Archeology, defined as the scientific research carried out on the industrial past, the territory, the sites, buildings and artifacts, as well as the understanding of technological development and the evolution of industrial society. After an intense and meticulous research for information from primary sources, field trips and interviews, there search has allowed to deduce how the economic interests, related to mining and agriculture, and the politicians, of their firs towners conditioned, to a great extent measure, thein stallation of these factories. This activity, and the need of facilities of different sizes and types for their development, have resulted in the existence, at present, of a significant heritage, whose study confirms the decisive role it played in the industrialization of the Region of Murcia, Therefore, its conservation and enhancement will allow society better knowledge and adequate protection, as is the case in other áreas of Spain, where light factories are added into the landscape and are part of industrial and ecotourismi tineraries, reason for which its enhancement is proposed.