El granadoun cultivo resistente a la sequía y fuente natural de salud

  1. A. Galindo
  2. P. Rodríguez
  3. J. Collado-González
  4. A. Calín
  5. Z.N. Cruz
  6. M. Corell
  7. A. Moriana
  8. M. Cano-Lamadrid
  9. S. Medina
  10. A. Gil-Izquierdo
  11. A. Carbonell-Barrachina
  12. F. Hernández
  13. A. Torrecillas
Revista de fruticultura

ISSN: 2013-5742

Year of publication: 2016

Issue: 46

Pages: 6-18

Type: Article

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The pomegranate tree. A drought resistant crop and natural health source. The purpose of the present paper was to disseminate our research results on pomegranate cultivation under Mediterranean conditions. The mechanisms at leaf and fruit levels to confront water deficit are described and their relation with fruit cracking phisiophaty incidence. Moreover, pomegranate fruit chemical characteristics with special reference to bioactive compounds are described and the effect of deficit irrigation on theses chemical substances.