The appliance of the concept of sustainability in human resource management in the corporate sector in germany

Dirigida por:
  1. José María Gil Roig Director/a

Universidad de defensa: Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC)

Fecha de defensa: 16 de noviembre de 2018

  1. Mercedes Sánchez García Presidente/a
  2. Elsa Varela Redondo Secretario/a
  3. Francisco José Alcón Provencio Vocal

Tipo: Tesis

Teseo: 148259 DIALNET


Decline of resources, increasing expectation of stakeholders and radical transparency imposed by new technologies urges multinational enterprises to define sustainability as an important driver, which affects Strategic- and Human Resource Management. An organization’s corpo- rate social performance becomes increasingly important in attracting highly educated appli- cants with a high level of job choice, often a source of competitive advantage in the human resource area. This research investigates the usage of the concept of sustainability in Human Resource Man- agement in Germany. Hypotheses were derived, an empirical content analysis was executed and 8745 job advertisements analyzed on sustainable patterns. Annual reports and sustainabil- ity reports of organizations were evaluated on defining sustainability related targets in their compensation management. Personal interviews with Human Resource Managers of global market leaders were executed regarding the influence of sustainability in Human Resource Management. Although the Executives of companies state that sustainability plays a major role in Human Resource Management there is a gap in implementation. Sustainability concepts were found in less than one third of all job advertisements. A minority of the investigated companies for- mulates sustainability related targets in their compensation management. The interviews of the HR Managers confirm the high relevance of sustainability of Human Resource Manage- ment but points out the reason for the lack of implementation as a deficit of specified training and development. In order to attract highly qualified employees there is a need pointing out ecological, social and sustainable efforts by the company. By doing so the gap between Human Resource Ma- nagement and Sustainability could be bridged and the term of Sustainable Human Resource Management practically applied.