La violencia de género en el ámbito laboral

  1. Uris Lloret, José María
Supervised by:
  1. Francisco Antonio González Díaz Director
  2. Carmen Sánchez Trigueros Director

Defence university: Universidad de Murcia

Fecha de defensa: 31 March 2014

  1. Antonio Vicente Sempere Navarro Chair
  2. María Belén Fernández Collados Secretary
  3. Pilar Charro Baena Committee member
  4. María Isabel Sánchez-Mora Molina Committee member
  5. Djamil Tony Kahale Carrillo Committee member

Type: Thesis


Gender violence, violence applied over the women, has become a currently social problem, that has a huge importance in our country, and in the rest of developed countries. Only physical or psychological aggressions that women suffer in their relationships are protected by the Organic Law 1/2004, of 28th. December, of Measures destinated to the Integral Protection Against Gender Violence. Although, this Law consider the aggressions that women suffer in their work environment like a expression of gender violence. The present thesis analyze the violent behaviours that women suffer in their work environment and the ways to prevent them. Because the more freedom the woman has while she is working, and without any type of obstacles, the closer we are to a equal society, and the levels of prosperity and welfare of entire society will be bigger. OBJECTIVES The present investigation has indicated the following objectives, presupposing that this laboral risk, like the others, must and could be eradicated: ? Examine and value the woman situation in our society, which is her role and how she is affected by the circumstances around her. ? Know the woman´s role at her work environment, events of recent history and her situation at the moment. ? Analyze aggressions that female workers suffer in their work environment, and the resources that must be integrated on the companies to prevent the violent behaviours. METHODOLOGY Taking a syncretic and pluralist position, from the methodological point of view, the tasks to do are the following: ? Examine the statistical information obtained of surveys and analysis and comments about these surveys. ? Analyze the most important bibliography about this issue. ? Study guides, methods, equality plans, collective agreement and measures to prevent the different types of violence on the work environment, with the intention of investigate their utility. ? Visit the Specialized Centers to know how this labour conflict is been treated from a practical point of view. CONCLUSIONS Statistics show an elevated incidence rate of antisocial behaviours over the female workers. In spite of this information, some experts indicate that we only know the iceberg´s top, because we are in front of a hidden crime, it means, a crime that we know and it is denounced only in a few occasions and, therefore, it is very difficult to discover the real numbers. We are in front of an important social and labour problem. This is causing very serious damages in the health of women and it is a barrier to achieve the equality of rights and opportunities between men and women. To know better its regulatory framework, and the typology of real cases analyzed, could allow us to combat the causes. To eradicate the women aggressions in the work environment, we consider essential to progress in many ambits. The most important is the construction of a new social model where both sexes participate equally.