Diferencias salariales entre sector público y sector privado en España

  1. García Villar, Jaume
  2. Hernández Martínez, Pedro Jesús
  3. López Nicolás, Angel
Papeles de economía española

ISSN: 0210-9107

Year of publication: 1997

Issue: 72

Pages: 261-274

Type: Article

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In this study, the wage differentials between the public and private sectors are analysed, estimating a model in which the situation of a worker in one or the other sector is considered endogenous. The results show that the wage differentials observed are not only due to the different characteristics of the workers in one or other of the sectors, but also to the different structures of remuneration for the said sectors, beingthat these are different for men and women. The wage differential decreases in favour of the private sectorwith the level ofstudies, as well as with the level of relevant studies applicable to the job. Finally, making use of the quantile regression, we observe that the wage differentials in favour of the public sector tend to decrease with the level of salary.