Aplicación de pilas de combustible a trigeneración: ProyectoTOGETHER

  1. José Luis Ortiz
  2. Tomás González Ayuso
  3. José Luis Serrano
Libro de comunicaciones Congreso Iberoamericano de Hidrógeno y Pilas de Combustible: IBERCONAPPICE 2019, Madrid, 23-25 Octubre 2019
  1. Margarita Daza Bertrand (dir. congr.)
  2. Loreto Daza Bertrand (dir. congr.)

Publisher: Asociación Española de Pilas de Combustible

Year of publication: 2019

Pages: 177-181

Type: Book chapter


The acronym for the project is drawn from the overall title of theproject granted: TrigeneratiOn with GEoTermia, Hydrogen and renewable enERgies, and it defines the objectives that have been set. The first is trigeneration, i.e. the use of three sources for the generation of electricity or perhaps the generation of three types of energy, electricity, heat and hydrogen.The second objective is the integration of these types of energy into a single hybrid system that allows self-sufficiency in certain places of difficult supply and allows the storage and subsequent use of energy, either in conventional form of batteries or in hydrogen form that allows it to be converted by fuel cells. Finally, it is contemplated not only the optimal use of electrical energy, but also the use ofthe hydrogen generated and the heat produced in the reactions integrating the system with various applications that allow the use of these renewable energies.