Geometrical analysis of corneal topography

  1. Francisco Cavas-Martínez
  2. Ernesto De la Cruz Sánchez
  3. José Nieto Martínez
  4. Francisco J. Fernández Cañavate
  5. Daniel García Fernández-Pacheco
Keratoconus: Recent Advances in Diagnosis and Treatment

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 978-3-319-43879-5 978-3-319-43881-8

Year of publication: 2017

Pages: 103-128

Type: Book chapter

DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-43881-8_10 GOOGLE SCHOLAR


The complexity of the structure and shape of the ocular globe, and specially the architecture of the cornea, supposes a particular challenge when a personalised geometric model of the cornea is searched with the aim of representing any morphological alteration when changing from a natural scenario to a pathological case. Therefore, it is essential to know the geometry of the anterior and posterior corneal surfaces to diagnose any pathology related to corneal morphology alteration and thus decide the posterior corrective treatment. With this aim, this chapter proposes a new concept of geometrical analysis of the cornea obtained from a personalised virtual solid model of the cornea, which is generated from a discrete and finite set of spatial points representative of both sides of the corneal surfaces provided by a corneal topographer.