The Vitality and Precision of the Poetic Word Onstage: Ezra Pound's Reflections on Lope de Vega

  1. Natalia Carbajosa Palmero
Ezra Pound and the Spanish World

Publisher: Clemson University Press

ISBN: 9781638040620

Year of publication: 2023

Pages: 100-120

Type: Book chapter


The volume Ezra Pound and the Spanish World gathers for the first time both critical readings and the complex history of Pounds lifelong engagement with Spanish literature, Spains Golden Age, Spanish history and culture, modern and contemporary Spanish writers, and Spanish language. This chapter deals with Ezra Pound's appreciation and translation of several plays by Lope de Vega. It explores Pound's insightful views about Lope's poetic theatre, mostly through Pound's critical essays in The Spirit of Romance.