Recursos para la recuperación del patrimonio. Plan director del huertode las bolas en cartagena

  1. Muñoz Mora, M.ª José 1
  2. Navarro Moreno, David 1
  3. Martínez Oliva, Rosario
  1. 1 Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena

    Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena

    Cartagena, España


XXIX Jornadas de Patrimonio Cultural de la Región de Murcia: 3, 10, 17 y 24 de octubre de 2023
  1. Pedro Enrique Collado Espejo (dir. congr.)
  2. Juan García Sandoval (dir. congr.)
  3. Ángel Iniesta Sanmartín (dir. congr.)

Publisher: Tres Fronteras

ISBN: 978-84-7564-814-9

Year of publication: 2023

Pages: 353-360

Congress: Jornadas de Patrimonio Cultural de la Región de Murcia (29. 2023. Murcia)

Type: Conference paper


The Huerto de las Bolas, built at the beginning of the 20th century and attributed to the architect Víctor Beltrí,is located in Campo de Cartagena. It is a recreational and productive villa with a main house modelled in thestyle of the urban palaces, together with a carefully planned landscaping programme with numerous ornamentalelements, as well as an area for cultivation and various secondary constructions. The aim of this communicationis to present the Master Plan drawn up in 2021, a guide tool that, based on its research and documentation, guaranteesadequate conservation and restoration, as well as valorization through its dissemination, interpretation,use and enjoyment. sustainable, of this Asset of Cultural Interest.