The rol of the dams of retention in the riverbed of the ephemeral channels and their contribution in the dispersion processes of heavy metals in a mediterranean mining basin

  1. J.M. Peñas
  2. G. Garcia
  3. J.I. Manteca
Protection and Restoration of the Environment X

Publisher: University of Ioannina, Grecia/ Stevens Institute of Technology, New Yersey (Estados Unidos) (Editorial)

Year of publication: 2010

Pages: 190

Type: Conference paper


The result of mining activity is the presence of several silt ponds and mining tailingsspread all over the Sierra Minera (Cartagena-La Union Mountains, SE Spain). Theseponds, joint to other wastes deposits constitute the main source of heavy metals to theenvironment. Besides, these metal sources areas act as dispersion focus towards thesurrounding and subsidiary areas due to the erosion processes. Interaction betweenmetal and salts present in these environments, provoke an secondary effect on thelandscape modeling. The major o minor strength of the erosion processes is controlledby the presence of salts in soil and mining wastes (silt ponds and mining tailings). Theaim of this work concerns the relation between the salt-metal compounds and theerosion and landscape modeling processes.