TRIoT: a proposal for deploying teleo-reactive nodes for IoT systems

  1. Diego Fernández
  2. Pedro Sánchez
  3. Bárbara Álvarez
  4. Juan Antonio López
  5. Andrés Iborra
PAAMS 2017: Advances in Practical Applications of Cyber-physical Multi-Agent Systems

Year of publication: 2017

Type: Conference paper


In this paper we present a multi-agent architecture for IoT systems based on the Teleo-Reactive paradigm. Our final goal is to prove that the Teleo-Reactive (TR) paradigm is suitable for IoT systems, allowing them the ability of being responsive to changes in the state of the environment while being directed to achieve their final tasks and conferring the network the robustness and reliability that IoT systems demand. A hierarchical architecture in which Coordination Nodes, Local Coordination Nodes and Local Nodes running Erlang and TR code, communicating among themselves and asking for services to the Cloud is described and the hardware, software and communications protocols used are specified. For validating this approach, a case-study for precision farming is being developed. A GUI will allow non-technical users to simply specify the TR rules of their IoT systems, fueling the development of IoT.