Aspectos básicos en el diseño de cavidades resonantes

  1. José Fayos-Fernández
  2. Juan Monzó-Cabrera
Aplicaciones industriales del calentamiento con energía microondas

ISBN: 978-9978-395-34-9

Year of publication: 2017

Pages: 45-65

Type: Book chapter


The purpose of this chapter is to introduce the reader into the considerations thatmust be taken into account when designing resonant cavities for the microwaveheating industrial processing. Therefore, it is emphasized the study on the so-calledmultimode cavities, since the monomode cavities are unable to process convenientlyhuge amounts of materials. In addition, it is described some containment filters forensuring timely confinement of the microwave energy within the cavities. Thosefilters allow the existence of accesses to the cavity for the sample uploadingand downloading, either in a continuous process or in a batch process. Finally,it is mentioned different strategies to bring about a more homogeneous heatingperformance in the sample, as well as the expressions to be used in order to assessthe estimated heating results for designing optimized resonant cavities.