Maximizing irrigation water use and crop productivity under mulching with geotextile for lettuce plants (Lactuca sativa L. var. capitata)

  1. Dewedar, O.M.
  2. Youssef, E.A.
  3. Abdelbaset, M.M.
  4. Molina-Martinez, J.M.
  5. Abdelaal, H.K.
  6. El-Shafie, A.F.
  7. Belopukhov, S.L.
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ISSN: 2117-4458 2273-1709

Year of publication: 2024

International Scientific and Practical Conference on Methods for Synthesis of New Biologically Active Substances and Their Application in Various Industries of the World Economy - 2023, MSNBAS 2023

Volume: 82

Type: Conference paper

DOI: 10.1051/BIOCONF/20248202024 GOOGLE SCHOLAR lock_openOpen access editor