Enhancing engineering social entrepreneurship in industrial engineering students in the context of the COVID crisis

  1. Eva Martínez Caro
  2. María Dolores Aledo Ruiz
XI Congreso Universitario Internacional sobre Contenidos, Investigación, Innovación y Docencia (CUICIID)

Year of publication: 2021

Type: Conference paper


In recent decades, entrepreneurship has experienced an extraordinary growth. From various sectors, both academic, business and political, a culture of entrepreneurship has been promoted in society asan essential tool for the economic and social development of a country. In order to promote entrepreneurship, universities have developed entrepreneurship programs aimed at their students,not only in management studies but also in technical careers, such as Engineering. However, the results of previous research on the benefits of entrepreneurship programs are inconsistent, and it is necessary to include new approaches aimed at social entrepreneurship and the measurement of other results, such as acquired skills and entrepreneurial intention.