Departamento: Electrónica, Tecnología de Computadores y Proyectos

Centro: ETS de Ingeniería de Telecomunicación

Area: Computer Architecture and Technology

Research group: Grupo de Ingeniería de Redes de Telecomunicaciones


Personal web:

Doctor by the Universidad de Murcia with the thesis Arquitectura de una Plataforma Telemática Integral para el Despliegue de Servicios Ubicuos en el Ámbito de los Sistemas Inteligentes de Transporte 2009. Supervised by Dr. Antonio Skarmeta Gómez.

Dr. José Santa received in (1999-)2004 the M.S. degree (5-year) in Computer Engineering at the University of Murcia, Spain; in 2008 he received the M.S. degree in Advanced Information and Telematics Technologies; in 2009 he obtained his PhD in Computer Engineering with European Mention at University of Murcia. A great part of his research work, both before and after his PhD, is about intelligent transportation systems, mobile communications, next-generation networks, cyber-physical systems and Internet of Things (IoT), with special emphasis on real prototypes and evaluation. He has been part of international projects, such as the EU GIROADS, ITSSv6, FOTsis, 5G-MOBIX, 5GINFIRE, ASSIST-IoT, and the Spanish S-CICLO, SCOOTER, MECANO and ONOFRE-3, among others. He has been granted by the BBVA Foundation with a Leonardo project. Moreover, he has been part of the COST actions ARTS and WISE-ACT, in the last one as member of the management committee. He has authored more than 100 international publications, near the half of them in JCR-indexed journals. He is a regular member of relevant international committees in conferences and impact journals in the area. Currently he is a Senior Research Fellow (Ramón y Cajal) at Department of Electronics, Computer Technology and Projects, at Technical University of Cartagena.