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Of National scope. With a Public character. It has been granted under a regime of Competitive.

Biomine project is based on the hypothesis that the external contribution of microorganisms (bioaugmentation) through suitable commercial preparations and the planting of legumes in soils previously amended with a mixture of limestone, zeolites, compost and biochar, would help the fixation of atmospheric nitrogen to inorganic forms available to the plant and to the increase in carbon content in the soil in the medium and long term, avoiding the periodically addition of compost to the soils generated, as well as an increase in the growth and biomass of Piptatherum milliaceum and Coronilla juncea. Also, a spontaneous colonization of other species and the edaphic development of the restored soil promoting the probabilities of a natural ecological succession in the long term which in turn would generate new ecosystem services in these currently abandoned marginal areas. Thus, the main objective of Biomine is to evaluate the efficiency of bioaugmentation and aided phytostabilization in the rehabilitation of mining. For achieving this objective, two experimental phases will be developed. The first stage consists of a pilot test in a controlled environment for 24 months where two types of plant growth promoting bacteria will be tested at different application doses in pots filled with the amended mining soil. As carbon availability would be a limiting factor for the microbial growth, a pig farming compost at different application rates will also be tested. P.milliaceum an

Call: Convocatoria de tramitación anticipada para el año 2021 del procedimiento de concesión de ayudas a «Proyectos de Generación de Conocimiento», en el marco del Programa Estatal para Impulsar la Investigación Científico-Técnica y su Transferencia, del Plan Estatal de Investigación Científica, Técnica y de Innovación 2021-2023. (AGENCIA ESTATAL DE INVESTIGACIÓN)