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Of National scope. With a Public character. It has been granted under a regime of Competitive.

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Subproject 2 is focused on providing all the necessary tools and methods for properly designing, implementing and deploying a Cloudbased e-Health robotic platform, named JUNO+, which will allow health professionals, elderly people and their caregivers and relatives to share an online digital space for mental and emotional health status supervision, aimed at enhancing cognitive functions, social interaction and daily life activities in elderly patients with cognitive decline or prodromal symptomatology. JUNO+ will enable the use of digital tools for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cognitive decline by using computer-assisted Cognitive Stimulation Therapies (CSTs), presented to elderly users through a smart green assistant robot, context-aware, with the ability of autonomously navigating through the environment. Its external design will be designed by considering the opinion of potential users. Its cost will be affordable, with the aim of contributing to reduce the economic and social gaps existing in society, which often affects elderly, promoting diversity in access to Digital Transformation. A Natural User Interface (NUI), mainly based on an artificial vision system and natural language understanding will be developed to enable interaction between JUNO+ and elderly users. Robot will be adaptable to each environment (an easy to use tool for configuration purposes will be designed), and it will be integrated in the Cloud-based platform, which will include a s

Call: Convocatoria de tramitación anticipada correspondiente al año 2021 de ayudas a proyectos estratégicos orientados a la transición ecológica y a la transición digital (AGENCIA ESTATAL DE INVESTIGACIÓN)