edit_calendar Duration: from 16 December 2024 to 15 December 2027 (36 months) Current
euro 145,000.00 EUR

Of National scope. With a Public character. It has been granted under a regime of Direct grant.

The aim of this project is to design and develop an intelligent, robust, feasible and sustainable AIoT-Agrovoltaic platform/system capable of being deployed to any type of greenhouse, irrespective of climate and type of crop, in regions with limited access to the electrical grid and/or insufficient quantity/quality of irrigation water. To achieve this, under the project framework, we will implement software modules based on advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to jointly control and optimise: i) the performance of photovoltaic panels, ii) the monitoring of physical parameters through sensors, and the iii) operation actuators in the crop in real-time. The ultimate goal is to enhance crop efficiency and photovoltaic performance. The Overall Objective of this project is: Boost the adoption of solar agrivoltaics production in cascade hydroponic greenhouses controlled by AIoT devices to reach carbon neutrality in food production. For that purpose, we define a total of 6 Specific Objectives and 13 KPIs. Several efforts will be carried out to engage local stakeholders and early adopters thanks to the conduction of capacity-building activities and promoting new business models based on the produced energies and alternative crops. The capacity-building activities are critical to ensure the adoption of the proposed cascade hydroponic greenhouse coupled with an energy harvesting system. A clear establishment of the impact is based on the partners' expertise and the disseminat

Call: Procedimiento de concesión directa de ayudas del año 2024 a proyectos de investigación seleccionados en las convocatorias competitivas internacionales y acciones concertadas internacionales de carácter científico técnico, en el marco de actuaciones de Proyectos de Colaboración Internacional, del Programa Estatal para Afrontar las Prioridades de Nuestro Entorno, Subprograma Estatal de Internacionalización, del Plan Estatal de Investigación Científica, Técnica y de Innovación 2021-2023. (AGENCIA ESTATAL DE INVESTIGACIÓN)