edit_calendar Duration: from 01 April 2024 to 30 June 2026 (27 months) Current
euro 349,932.00 EUR

Of National scope. With a Public character. It has been granted under a regime of Competitive.

This project aims at developing micro-thermoelectric generators based on halide perovskite and zintl semiconductor thin films. In short, new semiconductors will be developed with tailored composition including alloys and dopants to maximize their electrical conductivity and Seebeck coefficient while minimizing thermal conductivity. This will deliver p- and n-type thermoelectric thin films with high figure of merit ZT around room temperature. Thus, micro-thermoelectric generators will be fabricated as a proof of concept of a miniaturized and easily-integrated electrical source that could power battery-free small electronic devices such as wearable sensors.

Call: Convocatoria del año 2023 del procedimiento de concesión de ayudas para incentivar la consolidación investigadora - Proyecto I+D y adecuación de espacios (AGENCIA ESTATAL DE INVESTIGACIÓN)