Proceedings of the 9th Workshop on Agri-Food Research for young researchers. WIA 20

  1. Francisco Artés-Hernández coord.
  2. Juan Antonio Fernández-Hernández coord.
  3. Raúl Zornoza Belmonte coord.
  4. María Dolores de Miguel Gómez coord.
  5. Juan José Alarcón Cabañero coord.
  6. José Enrique Cos Terrer coord.

Publisher: Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena

ISBN: 978-84-17853-29-7

Year of publication: 2021

Congress: Workshop on Agri-Food Research for young researchers (9. 2020. Cartagena)

Type: Book


The scientific manuscripts presented in the 9th Workshop on Agri-Food Research (WIA.2020) are here reported. The WiA.2020 is an annual Scientific Workshop organized by the Doctoral Program in Advanced Techniques for Research and Development in Food and Agriculture (TAIDA) of the Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena (UPCT) in Spain, in where PhD candidates present their research works. This WIA edition was for first time virtually held on July 27th, 2020, with more than 50 TAIDA PhD candidates from the Agri-food sector who presented the main advances of their research activities. It was more international than ever, connecting our young researches from several countries. Presentations showed a great scientific interest and reflect the outstanding potential of the Research Groups involved in the TAIDA PhD Program belonging to several institutions of the Murcia Region (UPCT, CEBAS-CSIC and IMIDA), other Spanish Regions, and to several foreign institutions of Chile, Uruguay, Colombia, Mexico, Tunisia, Morocco and Greece. We expect that during the celebration of this virtual Workshop, the cohabitation and exchange of ideas and experiences among PhD candidates, research groups, researchers, technicians, etc. have been favored. The scientific program is structured into three sessions: three sessions: Food Technology & Engineering, Plant Production Technology & Engineering and Agrifood Biotechnology & Agroforestry Engineering. The Scientific Organizing Committee considers that it is necessary for TAIDA PhD candidates to undertake this formative training activity to acquire the typical skills of a PhD, remarking how to summarize their results, highlighting the main important results while presenting and disseminating clearly and concisely to a diverse audience in a limited time, as usually happens in the presentations at worldwide scientific conferences.