Caracterización del porcentaje de aceitunas mal posicionadas en máquinas deshuesadoras, rodajadoras y relleno de aceitunas de mesa (DRR)

  1. Alberto Lucas Pascual
  2. Antonio Madueño Luna
  3. Manuel de Jódar Lázaro
  4. José Miguel Molina Martínez
  5. Antonio Ruiz Canales
Proceedings of the 8th Workshop on agri-food research. WIA.19

Argitaletxea: Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena

ISBN: 978-84-17853-08-2

Argitalpen urtea: 2020

Orrialdeak: 149-152

Biltzarra: Workshop on Agri-Food Research for young researchers (8. 2019. Cartagena)

Mota: Biltzar ekarpena


This work provides an analysis of the percentage of poorly positioned olives (boats/beatas) that are generated in DRR machines of olives that incorporate an artificial vision system that evaluates based on the ejection angle selected if the olives are going well or poorly positioned and allows to give practical indications of the optimum angles to the factories to minimize the defects in the punching.