Assessment of mining soil improvement after organic and inorganic amendment additions evaluated by microbiological analysis

  1. Murcia, F.J.
  2. Gomez, M.J
  3. Palop, A.
  4. Garcia, G.
Protection and Restoration of the Environment VIII

Publisher: Technical University of Crete

Year of publication: 2006

Pages: 91-92

Type: Conference paper


Major environmental problems in metallic mining areas come from the hazard of pollution ofsurrounding areas by metals. Therefore, an appropriated management of these soils is necessary forminimizing the associated risks. Some properties of mining soils, such as elevated metalconcentrations, pH and shortage of essential nutrients; make them a poor medium for organismgrowth. Therefore, in order to make a stabilization of these mining areas, it was necessary to solvesome adverse physical and chemical soils factors mainly associated to toxic heavy metals and soilstructure. Thus, some wastes such as carbonate, pig slurries, demolition wastes and sewage sludge,were added to soils to provide the needed conditions for improving soil conditions. Assessment ofsoil evolution was carried out by means of microbial communities as an indicator of soil changes.