Correlation between Land Transformation and Climate Change with Flooding Vulnerability: Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) Applied in the Mar Menor Mediterranean Watershed

  1. García-Ayllón, Salvador 1
  1. 1 Department of Mining and Civil Engineering, Technical University of Cartagena, Paseo Alfonso XIII, 52, 30203 Cartegena, Spain
7th International Electronic Conference on Water Sciences

Year of publication: 2023

Type: Conference paper

DOI: 10.3390/ECWS-7-14240 GOOGLE SCHOLAR lock_openOpen access editor

Sustainable development goals


The combination formed by the intense transformation of the territory and climate change in the Spanish Mediterranean basins has configured an explosive cocktail from the point of view of the risk of flooding in these areas. Climate change is making new, intense-type cold-drop rains called DANA a more frequent phenomenon in Mediterranean basins. The vulnerability of the coastal territory in these areas because of the DANA phenomenon now requires the authorities to implement new strategies and policies that reduce the significant economic damage and loss of human life suffered in recent years. However, correlating these two phenomena with the increased risk of flooding is a difficult problem to diagnose, and even more difficult to solve. For this reason, a structured GIS methodology is proposed based on a geostatistical indicators analysis that correlates the transformation of the territory with the increase in vulnerability due to floods. This methodology is evaluated and put into practice in a case study of the basin area of a coastal lagoon in Spain. The impacts originating from the last three cold-drop phenomena developed in recent years are evaluated. The analysis carried out allows us to observe how the phenomenon of diffuse territorial anthropization in the territory has increased the damage caused by floods due to the loss of the natural hydrographic structure of the basin. Based on the results obtained in this analysis, risk mitigation actions will be proposed through the improvement of land management by using nature-based solutions.

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