date_range Duration: from 01 December 2022 to 30 November 2024 (24 months)
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Environmental deterioration has caused ecological resilience to emerge as a fundamental topic in ecosystem management studies. Despite general awareness about resilience-based ecosystem management, the ways of achieving ecological resilience is far from understood. There are few findings dealing with different agents roles in ecological resilience and, in particular, on companies contributions to ecological resilience. Marine environments encompass different spaces of biodiversity. These environments encourage economic activities from sectors eager to take advantage of these natural resources and contribute to regional economic growth. In Mar Menor, a coastal lagoon located in southeastern Spain, a eutrophication process has been taking place for decades due to nutrient loading from irrigation practices in the surrounding farms. Furthermore, a huge increase in the population living in these coastal areas and the growing number of companies producing in and taking advantage of this environment have led to further environmental degradation in this area. Therefore, the concept of resilience and the tools to develop environmental preservation and recovery strategies play a fundamental role here. However, the development of these strategies is a challenge to resilience-based ecosystem management due to the difficulties of coordinating the different agents involved. The primary proposal of this project is to foster ecological resilience in the coastal area of the Mar Meno

Call: 4524 Convocatoria de tramitación anticipada correspondiente al año 2021 de ayudas a proyectos estratégicos orientados a la transición ecológica y a la transición digital