date_range Duration: from 05 October 2020 to 04 April 2023 (30 months) Finished
euro 51,041.00 EUR

Of European scope. With a Public character. It has been granted under a regime of Competitive.

In collaboration with other entities. Role: Member

When the project has been presented the New European Bauhaus initivative was not yet present in the EU panorama, but the project FUTURE wanted to intercept the vision /approach expressed by the “CIRCULAR CITY” introducing holistic and systematic governance, bringing together public authorities, universities, enterprises, NGOs, citizens, other bodies in the development of the city of tomorrow. Following this approach, to generate a strong impact in the URP (urban regeneration process) is fundamental to activate local communities in taking part within the regeneration actions as economic, social and cultural actors, to FAVOR ALSO HUMAN REGENERATION in the intervention areas. To sustain these circular processes it has been estimated as fundamental to have professionals that could facilitate local stakeholders in the development of such experiences, these professionals needed to be not only experts of tangible urban regeneration, they needed to possess skills to manage collective and inclusive processes, capable of involving a multiplicity in the construction of a co-design process, and able to identify and implement innovative solutions to improve the quality of life in cities. FUTURE aimed at developing competences in terms of design and management of urban regeneration processes as tools for social innovation, through elaboration of a training model, its experimentation and identification of a standard path for higher education and training addressed to young pr



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