When salmon is stunned using nanoencapsulated anaesthetic, and it is cold stored in ice including nanoencapsulated essential oils, the quality and shelf-life increase

  1. Laura Navarro Segura
  2. María Ros Chumillas
  3. María José Sanchez Martínez
  4. Laura Buendía Moreno
  5. Amanda Esperanza López Cánovas
  6. Alfonsa García Ayala
  7. Jorge Galindo Villegas
  8. Antonio López Gómez
X Congreso Ibérico y VIII Congreso Iberoamericano de Ciencias y Técnicas del Frío. CYTEF 2020

Año de publicación: 2020

Tipo: Aportación congreso


Quality of fresh Atlantic salmon is influenced by the stunning method. Salmon slaughter is currently done by electrical method but it can fail. Then, we propose a slaughter technology with previous anesthesia using a natural anesthetic being less aggressive, while also improving the quality of fresh salmon. Moreover, it is proposed to keep this fresh salmon refrigerated (2 °C) on antimicrobial ice (including essential oils) for extending its shelf-life. Experimental results showed that salmon slaughtered with previous anesthesia (dose 60 mg CEO/kg water) suffered less stress according to fish glucose levels and lower time (50 s) until loss of balance and mobility of fish. TMA-N and water holding capacity of refrigerated gutted fresh salmon stored on ice confirmed that salmon stored with the antimicrobial ice showed higher freshness, reaching its acceptability limit more than15 days, whereas the limit for salmon stored in control ice was 9 days.