Phenolic and antioxidant compounds changes of algae based smoothies during shelf life

  1. N. Castillejo
  2. G.B. Martínez-Hernández
  3. P.A. Gómez
  4. E. Aguayo
  5. F. Artés
  6. F. Artés Hernández
6th Workshop on Agri-food Research (WiA.17): Cartagena, 8 y 9 de mayo de 2017

Year of publication: 2017

Type: Conference paper


Many vegetable smoothies are commonly a rich source of vitamins, folates, glucosinolatespolyphenols, antioxidants, and minerals, among others, which can complement the diet ifingredients are properly chosen. Algae are rich in polyphenols and antioxidants that havebiological activity. In this work the levels of polyphenols and antioxidants of 3 green smoothiesbased on table grape (56.5%), cucumber (25.8%) and Bimi broccoli (15.5%), two of them withalgae (2.2%) and one used as Control are reported. After 24 days of storage at 5ºC, it was foundthat the smoothie with Dulse algae had a higher phenols content (72.82 mg chlorogenic acidequivalent 100 g-1 fw) than Control (64.53 mg chlorogenic acid equivalent 100 g-1 fw), while inthe smoothie with Irish Moss algae it was similar than in Control. No differences in theantioxidant capacity between Control and Dulse smoothies (about 30 mg trolox equivalent 100g-1 fw) were found while Irish Moss smoothie showed a lower content (11.87 mg troloxequivalent 100 g-1 fw). Therefore, the addition of Dulse algae to a green smoothie lead to anincrease in bioactive compounds, which is very interesting as a diet complement