Improvement of food safety and shelf life of refrigerated croquettes by using evoo encapsulated in cyclodextrins in breadcrumbs

  1. Barón Yusty, Marta
  2. Ros Chumillas, María
  3. López Gómez, Antonio
  4. Martínez Hernández, Ginés Benito
Libro de actas XI Congreso Ibérico y IX Congreso Iberoamericano de Ciencias y Técnicas del Frío Cytef2022: Avances en Ciencias y Técnicas del Frío - 11. Cartagena, España, 17-19 abril, 2022
  1. Antonio López Gómez (dir. congr.)
  2. José Ramón García Cascales (dir. congr.)
  3. Ginés Benito Martínez Hernández (dir. congr.)
  4. Arturo Esnoz Nicuesa (dir. congr.)
  5. Asunción Iguaz Gainza (dir. congr.)
  6. Fernando Illán Gómez (dir. congr.)
  7. Francisco Javier Sánchez Velasco (dir. congr.)
  8. José Pablo Delgado Marín (dir. congr.)
  9. Ramón Antonio Otón Martínez (dir. congr.)

Publisher: Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena

ISBN: 978-84-17853-55-6

Year of publication: 2022

Pages: 293-299

Type: Book chapter


Despite the desired sensorial characteristics proportionated by deep-fat frying, the fried breaded products are poorly perceived to consumers for health concerns. In the present study, the addition of 0 % and 33 % EVOO-α-CD in wheat and corn breadcrumbs in croquettes manufacturing was studied. The processing steps for 33% EVOO-α-CD croquettes consisted of pre-cooking under short-wavelength infrared oven and final cooking by hot air (home) oven, while control (0 % EVOO-α-CD) croquettes were no pre-cooked, and final cooking was by deepfat frying. The physicochemical and sensory quality, and fat, fiber and acrylamide contents of croquettes were studied during refrigerated storage (at 4 ºC for 20 days). Higher fiber content and lower acrylamide and fat levels were found in samples fortified with 33 % of EVOO-α-CD. Microbial load of mesophilic microorganisms were decreased when incorporating EVOO-α-CD, as it reduced up to 5 log CFU/g. In conclusion, a fried-free infrared-baked ...